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Facebook has approximately 1.1 billion monthly active users and generated a whopping $50.9 billion dollars in revenue last year alone. If you find Facebook to be an intimidating advertising platform with too many options, know that you are not alone. The ever-evolving social media network has over 27 advertising options available to marketers. Facebook’s Director of Engineering and Design for Ads confirmed in an interview that “The No. 1 complaint of most advertisers was that it was too complicated to figure out which ads to use.”

The great news is that Facebook recently announced that they would be simplifying their advertising formats. Over the next 6 months, the advertising options will be reduced by more than half. A few formats that may be cut include “sponsored stories”, “questions” and “online offers.” While these products may not be phased out completely, they will not be available as a stand-alone product.

What does this mean for you? Facebook’s goal for their advertising overhaul is to “streamline” and strengthen their product offerings for advertisers. The main changes you will see are streamlined advertising formats, assigning sponsored stories to all Facebook ad formats, and making the ad layouts look more consistent. Ultimately this should help advertiser’s achieve their marketing goals, such as increased online sales or web traffic.

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